About Us

20 years ago The Towne Winer opened its doors at Downey Road Plaza. The proprietors are Barrie (a.k.a. The Winer) who started to vint wine 40+ years ago with his essential partner in crime, Liz Woolford who has over 35+ years experience in retail, customer service and consumer packaging. Liz is the gift basket master!

The Towne Winer is a multi-award-winning micro winery. We strive to showcase the world’s best wine kits, pasteurized juices, fresh varietal juices and musts from Italy, California, South America, Australasia and, of course, Niagara & British Columbia. We have an extensive French oak barrel program to age your wines. We specialize in vinting all our varietals and French hybrids with “skins on” for more complexity/age worthiness. With the expertise of our winemaker, we vint commercial quality, age-worthy wines for you to enjoy and share.

Our goal is to create maximum value and quality at every price point/kit/juice category for you. The results of quality wine making are that you will enjoy wines of more complexity, taste, finish, and body. We stand behind this goal and our mission: providing you value and quality with your wining experience with us. 

Our micro-winery offers an inviting atmosphere for your consultation, bottling and shopping experience. We focus on proven wine essentials, particularly proper wine stems, decanters and aerators to enhance your wine experience. Select a wine related gift for someone special, for yourself, or for that perfect Secret Santa gift at our storefront.

We also offer supplies and related wine and beer making equipment for the home wine maker/ brewer.

As with our wine program, we strive to give you a true Craft Beer experience. The Towne Winer offers a naturally carbonated, unfiltered, handcrafted, premium small batch beer programme that is regionally source. Our comprehensive line-up offers many craft beer varieties and seasonal specialties for fermentation in home brewing and brew-on-premise. These all grain beers are brewed with 100% natural ingredients and minimal processing: no adjuncts, no stabilizers, no extracts, no sugar, no concentrate. Your finished cask conditioned lagers and ales can develop even more complex and smoother flavours with several months of ageing with proper storage. If you're looking to indulge your creative side, add dry hops, additional malt or introduce special ingredients. Make your own true craft beer without compromise!

On top of all that, we provide and make great tasting ciders and fruit wines! 

Pop by our store to find quality crafted giftware and wine essentials for your beverage experience or for a gift. 

The Towne Winer offers you an experiential opportunity to bring your favourite beverages to life!