Join the Craft Beer Revolution!

As countless beer lovers across North America have joined the Craft Beer Revolution, their small-scale production is no longer just carving out a niche; it is winning the large-scale beer war against the giants. Because their products rock! The Towne Winer invites you to join us in exploring our great tasting, hand-crafted beers with the same quality as the Craft Beer Revolution beers at great pricing! (Each batch makes approximately 3 cases of standard 341 ml. beer bottles starting at $79). Beer selections include west coast IPA, pale ale, red ale, blonde larger, dry larger, pilsner larger, premium lager, wheat beer, cream ale and stout style.

How to Make Your Craft Beer?

1. Contact us to order your beer and start the quick brewing process.

2. Return in approximately 3 weeks to bottle your beer with our automated filling system.

3. When you take your beer home just wait 7 days to bottle condition (naturally carbonate), then chill and serve.


Not a Beer Person? We Have Cider Too!

We have sourced the benchmark cider kit in the industry, the On the Rocks Cider! This range of great tasting fruit ciders are crafted with quality apple concentrate, pure apple juice and real fruit juice to produce great tasting and full flavoured ciders. Makes 30 x 750 ml. bottles at approximately 6-12% abv. We can make your cider with a lower abv cider or a higher abv as it is wine based. Cider is made carbonated upon request. Best served chilled on the rocks or spritzed!

This gluten-free beverage comes in original apple, guava, raspberry and lime, peach and mango, mixed berry, blueberry, pear, and spiced apple.




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