A. How to Purchase a Wine Kit Online:

Step 1: Find the selection or selections you would like to purchase, add them to cart, purchase and wait for your confirmation email.

Step 2: In an email from the Towne Winery you will be given a date.  All kits must be picked up from our brick and mortar. We do not ship wine kits due to the high cost to do so.

Step 3: When you visit The Towne Wineyou will get the opportunity to talk to our experienced winemaker about additional tweaks for your wines. This can be the determination between good wine and truly great wineWe also offer equipment and supplies for the at home wine/cider/beer maker. 

B. Why Wine With Us?

• Personalized service, start to finish.
• We have worked with RJS wine kits since 1994.
• International multiple award-winning wine maker over the decades.
• Provide customized wine programmes to broaden your wine palate.
• We promote minimal use of additives and preservatives in your wine.
• Essential wine accessories and proven winemaking equipment in stock.
• Supporting local, we specialize in sourcing premium Niagara juices too.
• Our extensive Oak Barrel ageing programs can offer you that "next step" to superior wine results.
• Your Winemaker took his first courses in winemaking in 1973, so we bring experience to the table.
• Superior water quality (5-stage carbon filtration plus U-V Sterilization) for your kits complimentary.
• We assist you with our experience of venting all our reds with skins on (to enhance colour, complexity, flavour, body, aroma) so that you can make better wine too.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!