Making your own Wine

Step 1: Select your wines. Consult with our experience winemaker, Barrie Browne to find the wine for you. Depending on your selection you could receive your wines in weeks to months. Timing depends on style and fermentation process for the selected wine. Behind the scenes your winemaker is putting in care with the wine aging process and complex recipes for your greatest enjoyment!

Step 2: Bring in your clean bottles or purchase bottles (30 bottles/selection). We will assist you with bottling. Did you know you can also decorate your bottles with selected labels and coordinated seals? Bottling your own wine is a simple and fun experience!

Step 3: Store your wine vertically for two weeks after bottling in a cool dark room preferably then laid down to keep the closures moist. Allow your wine to improve with age, especially the big reds. Build your collection with bottling a variation of wines over time to have well stocked wine cellar for all occasions and food parings. Decant your wine and double aerate to enhance your wine drinking experience. This goes for commercial wines too!

 Step 4: ENJOY!

Our Wine Categories 

The Towne Winer Selection wines are easy drinking wines that mature quickly yet enjoyable when young. $150 per 30 x 750ml bottles

The Towne Winer Reserve wines are Selection Wines that are further matured in French oak barrels for increased complexity. $200 per 30 x 750ml bottles

The Towne Winer Premium wines are varietal specific inspired by old and new world wine regions. Very age-worthy wines. $200-$225 per 30 x 750ml bottles

The Towne Winer Showcase wines are varietal specific and region specific. Vinted with virgin "skins" on and contain the highest quality of raw ingredients. $250 per 30 x 750ml bottles

The Towne Winer Showcase Reserve wines are further enhanced by long term barrel aging in French oak - the ultimate expression of complexity, flavours, aromatics, body, balance, and cellar worthiness. The pinnacle of quality winemaking! $300 per 30 x 750ml bottles

*All wine packages include corks, labels, and shrink caps.