Italian Nebbiolo (Barolo) Wine Kit - RJS Cru Select - Towne Winer

Italy Style Nebbiolo (Barolo) Wine Kit - RJS Cru Select

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Deep red in colour and aggressive in structure, this full bodied dry wine has many fans. Intense flavours of violets, cherries and cocoa are set firmly against a backdrop of silky, yet firm tannins. Undertones of toasted oak dominate the long finish along with dark fruit and firm acidity.

Food Pairings:
This traditional bold wine compliments fettuccine Bolognese, roast pork with garlic and rosemary, brie and camembert.

As part of the agreement between the European Community and Canada on trade in wine, the craft winemaking industry is actively abandoning all names of wines that imply geographical indications prior to any attempts on trademark protection, similar to what the industry faced in the 1990s from the French Government (ie Champagne = sparkling wine).

As a result, this wine will now be labelled as Nebbiolo (formerly Barolo).

Yields: 6 Gallons